Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 2 3 think fast

1. cheesy sweet corn

2. american idol season 15, canada's next top model, junior master chef
3. nice fitting blue jeans
4. today I got bitten by an aswang. joke, today I got finger scratched by a defensive 3.5 year old
5. crafts, crafts, crafts!
6. I need to be more productive and make use of my life
7. I look forward to the weekends. ALWAYS.
8. I seldom chat anymore
9. going to bed early is :D but I'm getting old
10. must study for exams!
11. I must spend more time with friends and family i haven't hung out with in a while
12. I hope this summer will be awesome
13. race is soon, must get ready
14. craving for some chilimansi pancit canton
15. its good having the family complete! :D

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