Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You can have my heart

This is me doing arts and crafts therapy. What I have come to realize is that this makes me happy. 

I have a lot of time in my hands right now since I resigned from work two weeks ago. You see, I am trying to move forward. I hope this is the right step for me to take and I just pray that I can find out what I really want to do for the rest of my life. 

January 2014 will always leave a painful mark on my heart. The past year has been most painful as I watched my Dad get sick with cancer of the pancreas. It's hard for me to still think about it. And yet I am happy with the way things turned out for my family and for my dad especially. He passed in his sleep, beautiful and painless. You can't imagine how hard it was to see him in pain and he would feel it almost everyday. He was such a brave guy, he faced it so well and embraced it with so much love. He taught us how to live a life of piety, as it was the most important. 

I believe that he still watches over me. The other day, I found a letter he wrote to me on my 18th birthday, after my debut celebration. A part of it I will share with you:

Unica hija

" My advise for you is never stop dreaming and conquering the goals that you have set in this life. Life is short and you should never waste it. Excel in your field of work, no matter how many times you fall, until you reach that goal. It is not important how many times you have fallen to the "deepest core of the earth", but how many in those occasions you have gotten up and tried to succeed again. From the depth and breath your soul can ever reach. When feeling out of sight, in the midst of tears and succeeding grace, remember this "Everything will pass but faith (in God and yourself) will be Eternal. This is the quest for LIFE. Live it to the fullest. Never stop dreaming."

In the end of his letter he wrote:


I tear up mostly because I miss him. He will stay forever in my heart. 

This Valentine's I'm grateful for relationships. Your family, your love, your friends, your life and God - these are what matter. 

Happy Valentine's 2014 :)


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