Sunday, January 17, 2010


A new year :)
and may this blog be revived!

Caddy, Chiara and I have created a blog together Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

A few things to look forward to this year:
- Summer and beyond
- College Graduation (many lasts!) and my unknown future

Cheers to that!

Oh I can't get enough of Audrey Hepburn!recently watched her in Funny Face. Don't you just love the classics? Not to mention the fashion!:D


  1. YeY!!!! You posted!!! Audrey Hepburn is great!! So poised!!! :D BTW Chiara agreed to join we are now a trio :D

  2. YEHOO!i gotta get back talaga eh!;p

    oh yes i saw!good job tres marias!:D